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Max, Rocky, Charlie & Buddy: The Dogs of New York!

February 11, 2018

Excellent article in the New York Times about the evolution and preference of dog breeds across NYC's different neighborhoods.

The article examines the dog ownership trends as they relate to the real estate of New York City.

As housing prices rise in an area, dog breeds tend to skew smaller and more expensive. But certain breeds maintain their dominance, like the pit bull in certain parts of Brooklyn and the Rottweiler in the Bronx.

And Central Park is certainly one fo the most popular and dog-friendly areas of the city, but the trends are changing as new developments tout their pet-friendly attitudes and the popularity of other parks increase.

Darshan Patel, 29, and his wife, Chandni, 28, live with their 2-year-old miniature poodle, Miles, at 555TEN, a new 600-unit luxury rental tower in Hudson Yards, on the Far West Side of Midtown. Mr. Patel, who owns the pharmacy Manhattan Apothecary, said they moved from New Jersey to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the 56-story tower, where studios were going for $4,050 a month


New York Times





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